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RPD Series Rotary Positive Displacement Filler

Rotory Positive Diplacement Filler for high speed bottling

Biner Ellison Rotary Positive Displacement (RPD) Fillers are high speed rotary systems specifically built to accommodate the widest range of liquids possible on one machine. These systems can fill products ranging from alcohol to caulking compounds and even fill some products with particulates. The BE RPD machines feature an individual pump per head design which provides astonishing accuracy and flow capabilities. This pump per head setup allows each filling station to fill independent of each other as well as the entire system giving the perfect fill each time.

Like all BE Rotary equipment the RPD Fillers are built on heavy duty stainless steel frames with all sanitary stainless steel contact parts. Each RPD Filler is programmed with an upsurge fill cycle for reducing splash and insuring precise fill for viscous products. Every machine is also fully adjustable allowing it to adapt to wide range of container sizes, volumes, and types making it the number one choice for almost any application. The versatile Biner Ellison Rotary Positive Displacement Filling machines are one of the best long-term investments any company can make.

  • Suitable for filling a wide range of liquids from light oils to heavy viscous semi-solids at speeds up to 450+ CPM*
  • No bottle, no fill sensors for each filling station
  • Variable speed “Top Drive” system keeps key systems away from wetted areas for easy access and lasting performance
  • Color touch screen control package with job memory, tooling memory, management lockout, as well as performance and alarm reporting
  • Can accommodate non-rigid glass, plastic, and metal containers
  • Synchronized “pump to turret” design for smooth filling of light or thick products at a high rate of production
  • Solid stainless steel frame and a sanitary stainless steel pump
  • Incorporated safety interlocks & polycarbonate guarding
  • Self aligning toolless change parts for quick trouble-free changeover
  • Fully automatic clean in place system
  • 10 gallon per minute pump upgrade
  • Flexible impeller pump upgrade (for particulates)

Length: 132" (335 cm)
Width: 104" (264 cm)
Height: 110" (280 cm)

2500 (1134 kg) - 3100 (1406 kg)

Up to 450 CPM*

Electrical Requirements
120 VAC / Single Phase / 60 herz
(220 or 240 VAC available)

Air Requirements
100psi @ 5 – 10 CFM

Fill Size:
1 oz - 1.3 Gal (30mL - 5L)

Viscosity Range:
1-2000 cp

*Filling speed is dependant on the model, container, and fill size