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RL Series Rotary Labeler

Rotory Labeler for high speed bottling

RL Rotary Labeling Systems from Biner Ellison are designed specifically for high volume production output of pressure sensitive or glued paper labels. These systems can apply wrap-around, wipe-on, or front and back labels to a wide range of containers at high speeds.

RL Series machines are simple to setup, offer precision product handling, and precise label placement. Each Rotary Labeling machine includes a redundant labeling system for non-stop operation. The redundant labeling process automatically switches to a second corresponding label dispenser providing the operator time to reload a new label roll on the original head without stopping production. This system saves valuable time and money by keeping your packaging line running without interruption.

  • Electronically and mechanically jam-protected in-feed/discharge transfer wheels and in feed lead screws
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Fully synchronized AC inverter drives
  • 5-axis adjustable labeling head mounts
  • Fully modular label head for easy removal
  • Complete “K” style safety guards that meet CE standards
  • Touch screen HMI operator control panel
  • Easy to use controls with push button auto teach
  • Conveyor by-pass for missed labeled containers
  • High speed inspection rejection multi camera system
  • Quick release bottle plates for fast efficient change over
  • Color touch screen control panel
  • Up & down safety guarding for front only
  • Zero down time redundant labeling system
  • Servo bottle pads
  • Ink Jet Pre-arrangement
    - Includes: Photo Sensor for Ink Jet, Encoder, Electrical Connection & mounting
    - Brackets for nozzle.

Length: 122" (310cm)
Width: 75" (190.5cm)
Height: 70" (178cm)

1200 lbs. (544.3kg)

Up to 600 CPM*

Electrical Requirements
110VAC - 15 AMPS
(220VAC optional)

Air Requirements

Max Label Length:
200 mm

Label Type:
Pressure Senstive or Glue*

*Labeling speed and label type are model and job dependant