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RC Series Rotary Chuck Capper

Rotory Chuck Capper for high speed bottling

The Biner Ellison RC Series Cappers are versatile rotary capping systems designed to complement high speed rotary bottling equipment. These flexible rotary cappers continuously sort, apply, and torque caps to a variety of different container sizes and shapes. RC Cappers come standard with mechanical friction clutches to ensure that accurate and uniform torque values are applied to each container for optimal closure results. They can be easily integrated into existing packaging lines or tailored to your new project’s specifications.

The RC Series Cappers are available in two model sizes, the RC40 and the RC52, with operational speeds up to 140 CPM and 240 CPM respectively. (Higher speeds possible depending on container and cap characteristics.) Each RC Series Capper can accommodate a range of container and cap sizes with minimal change parts. This makes them the perfect capper for customers or contract packagers who plan to run multiple products on a single bottling line. All cappers feature color touch screen displays with a full management interface for complete efficiency control. Up to 99 job recipes can be saved making changeover from one project to another smooth and simple.

  • Rotary speeds up to 240 CPM*
  • Single machine adaptable to a wide range of caps and container sizes
  • Two frame sizes with up to 20 AC motor drive chuck capping stations
  • Equipped with standard friction style pick and place chuck heads
  • Automatic “No Bottle - No Cap” sensor system
  • High speed centrifugal cap orientation and delivery
  • Powered height control and quick swap change parts for easy changeover
  • Color touch screen controls with job memory
  • Adjustable mechanical friction clutches
  • Inspection rejection system for missing caps or induction seals
  • Pneumatic or Magnetic clutch to ensure proper and repeatable torque
  • Chuck head options
    • Vacuum assist friction style pick and place chuck head
    • Custom knurled “low wear” chuck head
  • Optional mechanical or pneumatic neck grippers

Length: 54-62" (137-157 cm)
Width: 61-73" (155-184 cm)
Height: 89" (226 cm)

2350 lbs. (1065 kg)

Up to 240 CPM*

Electrical Requirements
220/240 VAC, 20 AMP, 3 Phase

Air Requirements
90 PSI @ 3 CFM

Cap Range:
1” - 6” (25mm - 152mm) OD

Container Range:
1” - 9” (228.6mm - 152mm) OD*

*Capping speed and contianer size is model dependant