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MB Series Mono Block Bottling Equipment

Mono Block System for high speed bottling

The Biner Ellison MB Series Monoblock machines are designed to simplify your high speed bottling line, by combining the bottle rinser, filler, and capper into a single space saving machine. Rinsing, filling and capping are tasks of central importance in beverage, food, cosmetic and chemical industries. Biner Ellison has the correct solution for a broad product spectrum of products and offers units in fill to level, volumetric, gravity, or vacuum filling systems. A wide range of system variants are also available in order to provide the correct solution for each individual application. Each Mono Block machine is specifically designed to suit product demands, space constraints, and the production environment in order to optimize output and produce the best product possible.

Two frame sizes are available in order to best meet your containers specifications. The entire bottling process is carried out continuously in a fully enclosed safety interlocked chamber. Multiple sorting options are available including elevator, centrifugal bowl, and vibratory for caps smaller then 11mm.

If your are looking for a high speed bottling line solution then take a look at the MB Series monoblock systems from Biner Ellison.

  • Up to 19,000+ container per hour production*
  • Sanitary stainless steel constructed frame
  • Color touch screen controls complete with management lockout
  • Job memory for quick and easy changeovers
  • Versitile filling options for various free fowing products and containers
  • Fully automated synchronized rinse, fill, cap system
  • Easily intergraded into existing lines
  • Fully automated Clean In Place system
  • Additional container capper guides

Length: 150" (381 cm)
Width: 69" (175cm)
Height: 89" (226 cm)

6200lbs. (2800kg)

Up to 320 CPM*

Electrical Requirements
120/240VAC, Single Phase, 60 Hz

Air Requirements
100 PSI @ 5-10 CFM

Viscosity Range:
1-2000 cps (Centipoise)

*Fill speed is dependent on several things: model, operator, container dimensions, and product characteristics.